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What are you thinking about this Christmas? 

I recently did a Bible study on Mary and Joseph at NA Intermediate.  The big miracle of Christmas is of course the birth of Jesus, God’s son, however the miracles that took place in order for that birth to happen.  Mary and Joseph were very young maybe even teenagers at the time.   As a young woman Mary was carrying a child that was not her soon to be husbands.  She faced death by stoning for being unfaithful to her fiance.  Joseph was an honorable man from an honorable family.  Jewish traditions were simple, if your wife or soon to be wife is unfaithful you were to leave her.  But, Joseph even at a young age with the help of a visit from an angel stands up for Mary and takes her as his wife, AND more importantly takes Jesus and raises him as his own son. 

Both Joseph and Mary were normal every day people living their lives when God had a plan for their lives.  A plan that was outside of their plans.  Mary and Joseph showed great faith and followed that plan. 

Would you be so willing to give up your life for your faith?  Mary followed Jesus all the way to the cross her life was completely changed the day the angel came and told her she was to have a son and name him Jesus.   This Christmas keep in mind the plans that God might have for you and your life.  Keep your self open to what God might be doing in your life. 

Have a great Christmas and remember that the baby that is born on Christmas grew up and died on a cross for you.


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