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Our purpose as a church is not to build ourselves up, but to live out Christ's love for all people in the world.  To that end, we are see a core part of our mission to love God and love people - and to demonstrate that love in all that we say and do.

We work to make in impact not just on the people sitting in out pews, but on our community and our world.  Whether through youth ministries, community outreach, support of missionaries, or other opportunities, we strive to use the gifts and strengths we have been given to serve God and love others.

Mission for us is not simply an opportunity to support local ministries, but even more so a chance to us to develop relationships with our neighbors.  We seek mission opportunities that allow us to be involved relationally as much as possible with those whom we serve, and to allow for a much multi-generational participation as possible.  We serve together as families, as generations, as a community of believers committed to living our God's love for the world.

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