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What to Expect (FAQ)

What are the worship services like?

Our Sunday worship service includes elements of traditional and contemporary worship and is rich with music. This includes everything from a praise band to traditional organ, string ensembles to ukulele choirs, and handbells to a cappella quartets. The diverse presentation of music is reflective of the diversity of our congregation, yet our blending of these styles in one service reflects our desire to be together as one community.


We include traditional liturgical elements (such as the Lord's Prayer, Doxology, and Creeds), but present each in a manner which is intended to be accessible and authentic to the community. Our goal is for a liturgy that would draw people into worship, not set them apart from it.


At the center of worship is the the reading and exposition of Scripture, with sermons that are meant to help us to apply this scriptural understanding into our lives outside of the sanctuary. 


In this way, we seek to provide a worship that will better equip us to bear witness to what God is doing in the world each day, to truly love God and to truly love our neighbors, and to take part in God's redeeming action in the world.

Children in Worship

Is child care available? Is the service "kid friendly"?


Are you hesitant to bring your young child to Worship on Sunday morning? RELAX!

All children are welcome in worship. We have a nursery room which is available for families of young who may need a break from the main service. The nursery typically has middle school/high school volunteers, as well as "on call" adults for emergencies.


The sounds of children are offerings to God. Sounds, noise, and movements are means of communicating, and we embrace the sounds of praise from children.

How should I dress?

You will find a range of dress in the congregation, ranging from jeans to dresses to jackets & ties. 

Dress in a way that you are comfortable.

What sacraments do you have? How often do you celebrate communion?

As Presbyterians, we celebrate two sacraments: baptism and communion. 

Baptism a one-time sacrament that recognizes what God has already done - claimed you as God's child, adopted into the family of God.

Typically, baptisms occur when one is an infant (recognizing how it was God who chose us, before we even knew what was happening - an awareness that we develop and grow into as we grow in our faith), but there is no age restriction on baptisms for those who have never been baptized.


Baptisms happen within the regular worship service on an occasional basis.

Communion offered at regular times throughout the year, and is open to all trust in Christ (regardless of denomination or age).


We invite young people to share in the sacrament with us, as assisted by their parents.

Choir and Music Team

Music greatly enhances our worship. New members are encouraged and always welcome to join our excellent choirs and musical groups.

Our Music Team provides live, contempoarary Christian music for our worship service. Adult choir, women's ensemble, handbell choir, and our organist enhance our worship as well!

Music groups are preparing to practice again! Please contact our Music Director, Andrew Adams, for additional information.

Mission & Service Opportunities

If missino is your heart's desire, then WCPC is the place to be. We contribue financially to over 15 specific misisno efforts locally, nationally, and globally. Additionally, regular hands-on service opportunites are supported at these local Christian organizations:

Wexford Children's Center ~ This is the Christian preschool and childcare mission located within our church

North Hills Community Outreach Food Bank ~ Baskets are located in the foyer for non-perishable food or toiletries to be taken to the 'bank' each month

The Pittsburgh Project ~ Volunteer opportunities range from one-day "plunges" to week-long camps providing home reparis in the Pittsburgh area

Adopt-A-Highway ~ WCPC has adopted the one-mile stretch of Route 19 outside our doors. We pick up trash along it 4 times each year

World Vision ~ Groups volunteer at the WV warehourse in Sewickley, sorting and packing donated itmes for distribution

Summer Youth Mission Trips ~ Each summer the youth of our church serve the needs of others either locally or nationally while strengthening faith and friendships

Malawi Partnership ~ We are partnered with the Michiru Church in Blantyre, Malwi through the larger Pittsburgh Presbytery partnership

How do I get to the church?

10645 Perry Highway, Wexford, PA 15020

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