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Who We Are

Wexford Community Presbyterian Church is composed of a diverse group of Christians from all walks of life, seeking to know God better in all things and to respond to God's love for us with love and service from the world.  Since our inception in 1958, we have sought to serve God by serving others with the love of Christ, to bear witness to God's loving action in the world, and to share that experience with all that we meet.

Our mission is to be a community that strives to love God and love people,

and to demonstrate that love in all that we say and do. 

Our vision is to be a beacon of God's light as we actively participate

in God's work in our church, our community, and the world

through worship, study, fellowship, and service.

We are a Presbyterian church in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

This means that we are a protestant denomination that believes that...

God is good,

God is in control,

God loves EVERYONE,

and God makes us new. 

We live our lives in response to these realities.

While our belief forms a foundational understanding for our action, we are also a church community that is "always reforming."

Diversity of thought and open discussion of ideas are essential for the Body of Christ, so we invite and welcome people at any place in their understanding of God and God's role in our lives (and our role in God's ministry in the world).

For more depth, here's is a bit more about what Presbyterians believe 

and a bit about what Presbyterians generally don't believe.

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